Your Life’s Purpose isn’t what You Do.

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Your Life's Purpose isn't what You Do.

Your Life’s Purpose isn’t what You Do.

It’s Who You Are.

How does that make you feel? When I saw this quote, stated by one of my mentors, the wonderful Belinda Davidson – it REALLY struck a cord with me. I don’t know about you, but for so long I was chasing the question, what’s my purpose in the world? And you know what? I’ve never found the answer!

That was until I began to talk about the outcome of what it is that I do. I began to realise that through photography, I was able to connect with wonderful women who were all carving out their own path to finding their purpose. I realised that I had a unique ability to capture who these women really are, not because I was trying really hard to do this but simply, because I showed up as my true self to the photo shoot. By doing this, these women were able to relax, to trust me and therefore enable their true self, what I call their true essence to shine.

As I began to spread the importance of why showcasing your essence is essential in business, I saw my business evolve and grow too! This is what we all crave, to connect with women who show us who they are. No hidden agenda, no frills, no hiding. I’m willing to bet that you want to invest (time, energy, money…) with women who are going to show up exactly as they are. When you make a judgement about a person, usually through seeing the visual branding and imagery they have on their website you’ll make an emotional connection. If, when you work with them and this person shows up in the exact way that they appear in their branding, you’re going to trust them and therefore deepen your connection. A.K.A. The most important element of business (in my opinion!).

So basically, I realised that by showing up as myself in every area of my business and my life, the “what’s my life purpose” question began to fade. I saw that by simply being myself, by simply sharing my unique belief system, my life purpose made sense because I was DOING and BEING me. After all, no one else can be or do what you authentically do.

So again I ask, how does that quote make you feel?

Where are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

1 being – “I have no idea what you’re talking about and I ask myself what my life’s purpose is everyday!”

10 being – “I have a unique message and I shout it out everyday!”

Where do you think you can SHOW UP even more? For me, I’m venturing into video a little more and yes, it’s scary! Live streaming ‘OMG’. This triggers the ‘perfectionist’ in me but I’m facing my fear and doing it anyway – notes from my previous post on how I feel about this here. But my message is crystal clear show up as yourself and let your audience see you! So that’s what I’m doing.

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Your Life’s Purpose isn’t what You Do.

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