Why Images Are The Heart Of Your Brand Online & How To Ensure Yours Work For You

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Picture this: You’re about to meet a potential client for the first time. The moment that person sees you, his or her brain makes thousands of assumptions about you. Are you trustworthy? Are you friendly? Are you approachable, confident? Do you look like your image on your social media profile? And all of these assumptions are made at lightning speed – making major decisions about you in the first seven, yes SEVEN seconds. Similarly, we scan the World Wide Web looking for inspiration. Perhaps, for that one site, that one business, that one person who will capture our attention, evoke our emotions and change our life forever. All in the space of SEVEN seconds!

So with that being said, it’s more important than ever to consider how you’re being seen. Because the imagery you use to showcase who you are is a huge element that creates your band essence and when done right, your visual imagery will lead to next level business success. [I’ve seen it happen time and time again.]

When in the planning stages, while developing your branding strategy, there’s a really important step that most women forget about and since I’ve added this step into my photo shoot planning process [that I take everyone of my clients through] I’ve gained some huge insights into what it is that holds us [women] back. I’ve photographed many amazing and talented women in business, from coaches to strategists, authors to physiologists. Across the board I’ve seen the underlying ego come into play and cause all sorts of self-doubt.

What I’ve come to realise is that a great photo shoot can truly propel your business, elevate your brand and improve your market position. This kind of next-level success can be scary to the ego as it’s an unknown terrain. For most of us, a photo shoot is stepping completely out of our comfort zone, which means it can be confronting and scary. And that, of course, is the perfect time for your ego to pop up and say, “Hello, remember me?” 

Guess what!? If it does, you’re not alone! I ask my every one of my clients this question before their photo shoot and I’d love you to consider;

Do you have any reservations that may have stood in the way of you having a photo shoot in the past?

After reading this, what comes up for you? Is it time to let your own reservations out, accept them with gratitude and move past them? These reservations may have kept you safe, may have kept you hiding, but they no longer serve you or the business you’re creating and they do not need to stand in your way any longer.

Take 5 minutes and write them down.

Here is a list of comments some of my amazing clients have written before they’re photo shoot and every one of them has still followed through, had a photo shoot and received brand new images that have catapulted their business…

  • I would love to ‘lose the last five kilos’!
  • Putting myself out there is scary.
  • I want to get everything perfect before I start (i.e. the business/brand).
  • I have always had concerns about my body shape, in the past this has mad me really self-conscious when getting my photos done.
  • I’m not a huge fan of having my photo taken.
  • I’m quite self-conscious and I’m a perfectionist.
  • I feel I am not photogenic. I have a strange double chin and a crooked smile.
  • I do not like drawing attention to myself.
  • I’m a little scared of spending the money on a shoot and not liking the results.


I added these comments here because I want you to realise that you are not alone in your fears. The point is to understand the outcome of what it is you’re doing and if you have great images that have captured exactly what your business is here to do, images that you can share with your audience so that they can connect with you, than you can truly propel your business and elevate your brand.

Look at this beautiful client of mine; Nicole Perhne 

Nicole came to me, in her first year of business, knowing that having professional images can and will make you stand out in the market. As a divine health and life coach, Nicole was looking to create a beautiful space where women could be inspired to live simply, soulfully and consciously. In her own beautiful words, a place where curious minds and creative hearts collide.

Nicole’s key branding words were; happiness, positivity, warmth, soulfulness

Focusing on colours that matched her brand we choose three outfits that made Nicole feel comfortable and beautiful. We then set out to have a spontaneous shoot that gave us the time and the space to explore the key words above.

Here’s what we captured;

  • solandcoblognicole6
  • solandcoblognicole4
  • solandcoblognicole
  • solandcoblognicole3
  • solandcoblognicole8
  • solandcoblognicole1
  • solandcoblognicole7

When I asked Nicole; what have these portraits given you and/or your biz? She replied; “On a personal level, they have given me a deeper belief that I really am making my dreams a reality, that when I put my mind to something I can manifest whatever I want and they have given me a sweet taste of the life of an entrepreneur.

These beautiful portraits have taken my business to the next level as they authentically reflect my true essence, whilst also portraying the professional side of my business and what I do. A picture speaks volumes and these photos have given my business what I would describe as that extra bit of “va va voom.”


So, how can you ensure that your images, your visual brand is working for you? The most two important elements to showcase are;

  1. What your business does? Make sure your ideal client can see the service that your brand offers. This will often correlate with your band message.
  2. Share who you are. Let your audience see the person behind the brand, after all this is the person they will be working with. People buy people, so by sharing who you are, you’ll find more people will want to connect.

If you’d like some help to work on these elements, then get your hands on our PHOTO SHOOT PLANNING GUIDE so that you can prepare for the best photo shoot you’ve ever had – click this image and DOWNLOAD your FREE copy. This guide will help you to dive deep into your brand message and gain clarity on what that looks like so that you can create a photo shoot that will capture your unique visual brand.

This guide is what you will hand over to your photographer so that they are clear on exactly what images to capture A.K.A providing you the most successful photo shoot to date!

plan your photo shoot


XO Lauren

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