What would a mentoring session with a branding photographer look like?

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What would a mentoring session with a branding photographer look like?

Picture this; you jump onto your website and you’re scrolling down the home page, then you click to your about me page and then click on over to Facebook. The whole time, a feeling of joy, pride and excitement come to the surface because you can finally see a brand that captures who you are and the nature of what you offer. You stretched yourself, made an investment to showcase this within your business and now every time your ideal client click onto your website, they know they’ve come to the right place.

Now, let’s take a little step back and imagine what it felt like before you knew how to visually represent yourself and your brand within your business. You may have tried a few different colour combinations or even a few different fonts. You asked your very supportive husband (who’s quite handy with a camera) to take a snap of you outside in the garden, one that you didn’t love but it’s not bad so it’ll do! You put everything together on your website and begin to put yourself out there. You’re getting clients, but there’s something not quite right. Every time you go onto your website there’s something you want to fix, alter or add. The clients you’re connecting with are great but they’re not your ideal clients and you seem to be looking at what everyone else is doing while wondering, ‘should I do that too?’

Sound familiar? Can you relate to either one or even both of these scenarios? You know what, I definitely can and I work with women everyday who can too. In most cases, women entrepreneurs are coming to me after scenario 2 and because they really want scenario 1. While we all have to start somewhere, I’m here to let you know that no matter where you are in business, no matter what your resources are, you can start from scenario 1 and completely bypass 2!

Over the past few years, while working and photographing women entrepreneurs, I began to see that the problem for most is that; they’re just not exactly sure how to create a visual brand for themselves. Or on a different end of the scale, after capturing some wonderful images to use throughout their business they were still left questioning, where do I start?

The common question I get asked is; “what images do I use and where do I place them so that they evoke a sense of connection in my ideal clients and I can visually communicate my message to the world?”

This is where my idea for 1:1 mentoring came about. I wanted to be able to help women with these concerns and questions from where ever I was in the world. I get emails from women all the time asking if I’m going to be in their city so that I can photograph them and while I would love to jet set across the globe [hello dream life] I sat there and thought, “is there a way I can help even if I cannot physically be there?’ and this is when my visual branding mentoring idea came to mind.

If you had wondered what a mentoring session with a photographer might look like, here’s a little description: together we will create your own unique strategy plan that aligns perfectly with your brand. We will work together to uncover some of your fears and face them with grace so that we can find your unique way to represent you and your business in a visual sense. This process can bring up some insecurity so we tackle them first and then create a strategy to move forward. With this, we will then gain the clarity and confidence to know where and how to put yourself out there to be SEEN. If this is something that has ignited a thought in you, I promise you wont regret taking the leap and connecting with me. I’m the mentor for you if;

• You really want to book a photo shoot but you’re confused with how to prepare and plan for it.
You want to plan you unique photo shoot, specifically designed for you and your business that you can take to any photographer! They’ll love you for it!
• You’re really nervous about getting in front of the camera because you’ve either done it before and it was a nightmare or you think that you’re the most awaked person in the world and it will be a waste of time and money.
• You feel like you’ve been hiding and you know that there’s more to you that wants to be seen.
• You want a visual brand strategy that brings the message of your business to life.
• You are possibly a little nervous about all of the above!

All you need is a computer, Skype and an open mind. Also maybe a little bit of excitement would help too!

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