What do these images say to you?

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Picture this (no pun intended)…

You search google for a business that offers exactly what you need? You then stumble onto a site that expresses exactly that! In the copy an content this business makes you feel confident that they are experts in the exact thing you were searching for.

You get excited! Finally you found a business that is here for YOU, well this is how you’re beginning to feel. They have images that showcase what they do, images that are visually stunning and all-in-all, the website is really great.

Then the next step, have a little think………….. I would put money on it, that the next thought you would have would sound something like this;

“I wonder who owns this business?”

They say that the most visited page on your site is the ‘ABOUT’ page and I want to ask, why do you think that’s so? My theory is, that even though we’re online (which can be impersonal at times), we’re all seeking a personal connection.

So again, picture this…

You’ve just become really excited, you’ve found what you’re looking for and you begin to be inspired. You begin to feel like you are in exactly the right place and then… You visit the ‘ABOUT’ page and find that;

1. There’s no image only content for you to read.


2. The image used to showcase the person behind the business doesn’t really evoke the same emotions you’ve been feeling while reading the copy and content of the site.


3. The image used is striking and natural. This image is slightly different from the rest on the site as it really enables you to see a different side to this person. The person in the image appears natural, relaxed, confident and they feel like someone you want to get to know better.

Out of those three reactions, what you do want your ideal client to feel when they see an image of you? What images are you currently using to showcase who YOU are? Is it a ‘made up’ version of you? The version with the professional makeup and clothing with the “camera smile”? We all have one of those smiles… Or is it an image that really captures who you are? An image that may be playful and a little silly? An image that may show off your wonky smile and your laughter lines?

As a profesional photographer who strives to find your unique essence and capture it, I can guarantee you this one thing;

The image that will enable people to connect to who you really are, is the image where you’re not ‘perfect’. It’s usually the one that makes you feel a little uncomfortable when you see it, and it’s usually the one that your loved ones LOVE the most!

Find that image and use this one on your ABOUT me page. PLEASE…

Here are a few images from my collection that I feel really express the essence of this point. I love the expressions, the play, the character in each and everyone of these images. If I were to see these images when seeking to find out more about this person, I would feel really excited to get to know them better.

  • sol+co3
  • sol+co7
  • sol+co9
  • sol+co5
  • sol+co8
  • sol+co
  • sol+co10
  • sol+co4
  • sol+co11
  • sol+co6
  • sol+co2

What do you think?


XO Lauren

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