What are you contributing to the world right now?

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Loaded question? Yep I agree…

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Like seriously?

When I look back on my journey, I feel like I asked myself this question all the time, without really realising.

I grew up wanting to be ‘BIG’. I wasn’t (still not) really sure what that means exactly, but it was definitely a sense of bigger than I could visualise. I wanted a ‘bigger’ life than what I was currently shown to be reality.

Can you relate?

It’s only now, that I’m beginning to get a grasp on what that might actually mean for me. I am fully aware that as time goes on, things change and evolve, this is the real beauty of, right now. As I Sit down and brainstorm this question and what it means for me, I’d love to share these thoughts and dreams with you…

  • I am ‘showing up’ within my business. Claiming my power if you like. I’ve realised how much joy I get from educating people. I get just as much joy out of helping people feel prepared, confident and beautiful before their shoot as I do when I show them the images we’ve captured together.
  • I am loving life being an Aunty. Before I was a photographer, I was a preschool teacher. I played, loved and educated children for about 10 years and when I’m around little ones, my true essence really shines. I become the truest version of myself. I play, laugh, act really silly and feel deeply fulfilled. So when I get to spend quality time with my niece and nephew, who in my opinion are the most amazing humans in the world. I feel a deep connection to the goodness that I can contribute to my life.
  • I am committed to my chakra meditation – committed to raising my vibrations because it makes me feel good! It gives me strength and confidence and it’s a proven fact that your vibrations have an effect on the people around you. You can find out more about the chakra meditation I highly recommend >>>>>>> HERE<<<<<<<<<<<
  • I am about to par-take a little adventure too. Mich and I often express how pivotal travel is to our relationship because it’s really important to both of us. Seven years ago, when we were both 22 we packed our bags and travelled Central and South America on what I can only call ‘a true adventure’. We had no massive plans, we honestly travelled along doing what we wished, when we wished. Meeting amazing people from all over the world, travelling with them before moving on again. There’s something really magical about having ‘no plans’ . No where to be, no one expecting you to show up at a certain time. When asked about memories over the past nine years of our relationship, many of our favourite ones came from this adventure. When planning our honeymoon, we knew we needed another adventure like this. So we’re off to Europe  – new to both of us and we have consciously decided that for our journey through Italy, we don’t want to make any major plans. We have a rough idea of our route and at this stage, that’s about it!!! Can you tell how excited we are!? When you experience joy doing something that feeds your soul, you can and will show up to contribute more in your world.

If you would like to explore this question for yourself, I can highly recommend spending some time working through this great eBook by [it’s free to download] and poses this question, among others. This eBook gives you the space and respect to delve into these kind of questions. >>>>>>Take a peek<<<<<<

I’d love to hear what comes up for you? Answer the questions in the comments below and tell me where you’re at.


XO Lauren

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What are you contributing to the world right now?

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