Chakra Meditation: Change your life Meditation

If you can find 30 mins a day that you have all to yourself. 30 Minutes to do one simple thing that will create so much joy and magic, would you do it? I wanted to bring more meditation into my life and once I found this, everything clicked. This meditation is a mix of relaxation, cleansing, clearing and super-charging your energy field. It seriously was the one thing that I brought into my life that created so much magical change. Check it out for yourself.

The School of the Modern Mystic

To say that my life has been completely transformed is a huge call! But…..

‘My life has completely transformed…”  >>>>READ HERE<<<< 

This happened when I took part in this course last year and things are only getting better and better. Heal your chakras, heal your life – trust me! It creates the magic you’ve been seeking.

Heylen Theines

Heylen Thienes

We cannot recommend this create gem enough. She’s the ultimate! The design extraordinaire of Sol + Co (a.k.a our website designer.) If you’re looking for someone who is passionate, innovative and super sweet, please check her out. She is our little secret and has been a huge catalyst in turing this dream of ours into a reality. In her own words Heylen’s mission is to; “Get to know people and then designing something that rocks their world and speaks directly to their tribe!”

p.s. her instagram is dreamy!

Nicole Rowan

Nicole Rowan – Feminine Goddess

It’s hard to put into words how this woman has affected my life/business journey. It’s been one, mind opening, heart expanding, soul seeking adventure to say the least. This woman transformed how I choose to operate and where I choose to amplify. I will be forever grateful for her support, guidance and strength. Nic, you are the ultimate diamond. – Lauren

Vienda Maria

Vienda Maria – Marvelous Life coach

This woman has such a special gift. She is nurturing, spirited, intelligent and oh so kind. A self proclaimed Gypset and simply, an inspiration to many. Do yourself a favour and go play in her corner of the web. You’ll be inspired!

Alana Wimmer

Alana Wimmer – Raspberry Stripes – a.k.a. our kickass ebook designer

Alana was a dream to work with from start to finish. Her creative talent shines out of her eyeballs. Seriously, she completely understands how to create stunning digital products that are spot on brand. When we received our ebook back, we were beyond amazed at the work she had created. In her own words, Raspberry Stripes is, “A mini digital publishing house where raw, rocking content comes in and ridiculously good looking PDF eBooks go out!”

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