The moment I decided to start my own business

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The moment it Connected.

The moment it all made sense…

The moment I decided to start my own business…

The Beginning

I was sitting in a dark editing room, complaining.

I really dislike that word – complain. It gives me such a yucky feeling and yet, this is what I did everyday! I complained about my work, the hours, the boss, the expectations… EVERYTHING. To be fair, there were many reasons as to why I was unhappy (but that’s a whole other story!)

I was sitting next to my colleague who was (and still is) a very dear friend. She was telling me about her latest management meeting and her concerns that she was about to be fired. Then it hit me…

They fire her, she’s in a rut, the company is in a rut! I couldn’t imagine still working there and watching another awesome person walk out of the door!

All of the complaining that I had been doing for the past two years, hit me like a tone of bricks!

My time to leave had come, what the hell was I doing still sitting there?

The Motivation

A seed was growing.

Underlying all of this was my very strong determination, a streak I was born with and one that plays out in almost every area of my life. Here I was working my backside off! I worked 50-60 hours a week so someone else could earn millions? Seriously!! I felt undervalued and STUCK. So I decided then and there, I need to be in control of my own life. I also had an unwavering belief that everything was going to be ok. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t have a huge amount of $$ in the bank (I still lived at home, I was 25 years old, I had no real responsibility) I knew, it’s now or never!

The Lumps and Bumps

So the journey began there (now, four years ago.) Firstly I, moved out of home. I then, freaked out! The first of many (and if you have your own business you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!) I worked a bridging job. I taught myself everything I possibly could about business, learning more and more about photography – usually through the mistakes! Did I mention freaking out!? There were so, so, so many lessons I learnt during this time. Really important ones and honestly I will be forever grateful.

Looking back on this journey and thinking about how I got here, I’ve decided that my late 20’s will be known as:

The freakin challenge that broke me wide open, took me to the dark side, showed me the love and light then spat me out again.

The Journey

This brings me to Sol + Co, i.e.  The business I always dreamed of.

Sol + Co has been an evolution.  Photography is my passion and working with people lights me up! Joining the two when I was Lauren Emily Photography was the perfect match only, after a while, I began to feel like something was missing! I’ve always had this feeling that I was made for something greater, like big stuff. I don’t mean this in a self-entitled kind of way, but rather a work my little heart and soul out to leave a beautiful legacy and touch the world in a BIG way – leaving it better than how I found it. And even though I was happy and busily creating an awesome business, this little voice kept telling me, ‘There’s more…’

So, I spent the majority of 2014 trying to really figure out what my purpose is. I know photography is going to be one of my vessels, but what is my purpose? What are my desires? What’s my stance in this world? What am I here to teach?

How did I figure this out? Well I turned within! I began to think, “Everything I can possibly control in relation to my business is here.” I had a beautiful website, I had developed some truly beautiful connections, I understood the processes of business, but my business was still not at the place I wanted it to be. The only thing that was standing in the way was…   yep – ME!

“Man stands in his own way and wonders why it’s dark.” – Zen Proverb  

So in true Lauren form  I went all out! I worked with some incredible women and this is where my journey into the raw depth of my soul began and I was introduced to the faith of the universe. I really had nothing else! It’s funny when you have nothing, no more ideas, you realise that you’ve reached a dead end! Amazingly the universe shows you how to find the the trust you knew you needed all along!

The Lesson

While working with these women, the universe sent me a very clear message (I didn’t listen at first, so it became quite forceful!) It said, “This is your time to rest. Stop pushing. Rest. Rest. Rest.”

This determined lass who believed that success only came from working hard – all the time – all day long – the girl who always pushed, was told to simply rest. I was the girl who pushed for perfection in everything and would rarely shut off. Then, to be told to rest,  oh my goodness! I was so frustrated but I knew the answers I needed, the work I was seeking to do took time. Lot’s of it. Meaning, there was plenty of time to rest and wait for the right message to come through.

Now, I’m on the other side. At the dead end no longer.

I am so grateful. Time was the exact thing I needed. My desires, my purpose, my WHY needed time to form! I needed to grow. I needed to have experiences that enabled me to delve deep within because when my purpose became clear it was pretty scary! If I had not given my soul a chance to explore this beforehand, I would have run the other direction.

It was here that Sol + Co was born and it’s still a little scary, but with every step, I gain more clarity, more confidence and ultimately, more excitement about what can be achieved.

My Gratitude

I’m taking this with me. 

Connection is a language. Facing your fear is an action. Creating goodness in the world is worth experiencing and every single success and failure that comes with it.

Can you relate? Have you had an experience that opened you right up? Are you in the middle of it right now? We’d love to hear from you. Connect with us by leaving a comment below or send a hello in the email at the bottom of the page.


XO   Lauren

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