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Today, as in, RIGHT NOW… My husband and I are picking the keys up to our brand new home. Not just any brand new home, our very first home! [It’s not the home in the picture, but I’ll post some over on insta soon]

I can barley contain my excitement. To give you a tiny bit of background story…

We’ve been looking for our first home for almost six months and when we viewed our place, we knew it ticked all the boxes and excitedly begun the negotiating process. It still almost doesn’t feel real, even though, for the past few weeks we’ve been planning some renovations and buying some furniture [my very clever and spectacular hubby is designing some himself!] So this weekend, you’ll find us knew deep in paint! We’re painting everything, including the balcony walls!!

The best tool I’ve had to help pull our ideas and plans together has been PINTEREST! Honestly, this space has been such a huge part of how I visually create my world and my business and I absolutely love it!! I would love to connect with you over there!!


Jump on over and JOIN me while I pin my dream life!! #justkidding #notreally




XO Lauren

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