Simple Travel Photograph Tips that will take your photographs from Nice to Exceptional.

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4 Simple Travel Photograph Tips that will take your photographs from nice to exceptional.

There is nothing better than a holiday! Holidays are a perfect way to create life long memories. With the technology we have readily available to us, it’s never been easier to make your memories permanent.

Begin taking more candid, captivating, creative photos of your holiday right now with these simple travel photography tips.


1. Capture the essence of your holiday

While family snaps are important, they are only one part of your holidays’ story. As you’re creating memories, remember that the location, the culture, the landmarks and all the finer details will help create the story of your holiday. Don’t forget to capture them too. Walk the streets and find the textures, the people, the landscape, the patterns. Capture a collection of these. From the interesting doors, the graffiti on the wall, to the amazing coffee you had with breakfast. When your images collectively tell a story they will evoke the feeling of these memories every time you look at them.

2. Use the Magic of Light

Opportunities for the perfect holiday photograph are everywhere and sometimes you have to take a little time to explore the elements around you. This might mean that you have to get up early or be a little late for cocktail hour as the natural light is best during dawn and dusk. It’s soft and flattering. Light and shadow are the elements that create drama, movement and depth, when this is captured in a photograph the image will appear real. Your camera cannot capture what your eyes actually see, but when you have beautiful light during these “magic hours” it brings life into your images  and you can really capture some magic!

3. Be creative with Composition

How can you be creative, spontaneous, have fun and take a really striking images? By placing an importance on your composition. It plays a huge role in the creativity of an image. When exploring this, look at ‘The Rule of Thirds’. This rule will be the difference between a nice photograph and an exceptional one. The rule of thirds teaches you to be aware of what you are including in the photograph. The biggest mistake most people make is when they place the subject right in the middle of the shot. A photograph is easier to ‘read’ when the subject or the detail you are capturing is positioned in one third of the photo. Your aim is to create a photograph that’s easy to “read” and by adopting this rule, your images will be easy on the eye, which will actually make them pleasant to look at. Sounds quite obvious but it’s important to say, when an image is easy to read you will want to continue looking at it.

4. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Spontaneous images are always the ones that capture the real memories. The memories you tell over and over again at dinner parties. The memories that create the perfect holiday! So you need to be ready to take the shot! Don’t be preoccupied with what camera you are using or what equipment you may have. Use whichever camera you have on hand. Some of the best photographs can come from the camera on your smart phone. A shot captured with your smart phone can be just as powerful. Don’t miss the moment.


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Simple Travel Photograph Tips that will take your photographs from Nice to Exceptional.

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