My secret weapon to creating a life I love

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Well actually, maybe it’s not so secret! I have mentioned this course time and time again – I even wrote a post about how this one tool, changed my life – you can check it out >>>>>>> here.

The School of the Modern Mystic, created by Belinda Davidson came into my life at a really interesting time. It was mid 2014, I was three years into my business, working part-time (and looking for any reason to give it up!) I had just finished a six-month journey with the divine life/business coach Vienda Maria and although I was feeling positive about the future, better than I had ever felt, I still knew deep down that I was holding myself back.

From the work I’d done with Vienda, I realised how much I wanted to reconnect with my intuition. I knew there was a disconnect, especially since I could recall a couple of distinct moments in my late teens where I had heard and felt my intuition loud and clear, then choose to ignore it! There was a wound around this that came to light and one that I wanted to heal. I’d been following Belinda for a while and I had heard about her course from a few other businesswomen whom I admired. But really, the bottom line was, I knew where I wanted to be and how I wanted to grow and I knew that the only thing standing in my way was myself.

In that moment, I made a promise to myself. It was intense and surreal. I still remember how I was feeling, what I was wearing, and where I was standing when I made this promise. Which was;

“To develop a connection to my intuition, bigger and stronger than ever before.” 

I felt like this was a big call because I knew that I was naturally intuitive. Throughout my childhood, I often moved through experiences based on how I was feeling and what I’d picked up, from the people and environment around me. This decision was the catalyst behind me joining the School of the Modern Mystic a 6-month journey of understanding and exploring my chakras, working with the white light and cultivating mindfulness.

What attracted me to this course back then was Belinda’s no ‘nonsense’ attitude, her deep respect of the chakra system and belief in the work that she was doing. She explained the practical approaches that would be taught and also shared some of the tangible results others had experienced from working with her.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I definitely have bought and delved into a whole heap of online courses while building my business, trying to learn as much as I can. What this course offered me was a chance to really focus on my stuff. I knew that the only reason I wasn’t where I wanted to be was because of my stuff! What stuff? I couldn’t tell you, which was the exact reason I knew I needed some help. I didn’t know the why or the how but I also knew that I was simply not in alignment. And because I’d been following Belinda for a while, what I knew about our chakra systems was that they were our energy sources. They created our unique energy fields and that was what we as humans used to create our current realities. We all know that energy attracts energy. What I was creating I was attracting, so if I was creating my reality, one I wanted to upgrade then I really needed to focus my attention on my energy. One of my favourite quotes of Belinda’s is, “change your chakras, change your life.” And boy, was I ready for a change. Side note – it’s also worth mentioning that I had a small health issue at the time that I really wanted to heal – and although I think I’ll save that story for another time, it was also a catysilst for me joining this program.

So I jumped. I jumped with excitement because I knew that the practical tools I was going to learn would be with me for my entire life. Here’s the thing, because our worlds are in a constant state of change and growth, our chakra systems are too. Having access to Belinda’s teachings was something I knew I would continue to utilise and consistently build from. Two years later, I can honestly say that this is truth. Having the complete understanding I now have of our chakra system and how they affect my everyday life is invaluable. I now have the know-how to sit in meditation whenever I need it and cleanse my chakras. I now know, how to work with the white light and use it to clear blockages within my chakras to that they are working and ‘buzzing’ FOR ME.  I have what I like to call; a complete awareness.

After all is said and done, now 5 years in business, this course, this experience is still the one main thing that has truly changed my life. Honestly, it’s my secret weapon, something that has become apart of my everyday life and trust me, I do not say that lightly. It helped me achieve my goal and reconnect with my intuition. So much so that now every time I have a photo shoot, I am aware just how much my intuition guides the process. There are a whole lot of moments that come about, moments that are created purely because I let my intuition call the shots. It’s such a fun experience and one that I am forever grateful for.

If this is something that you’d like to explore, please feel free to check out the course. The doors are now open and because it’s a six-month journey, Belinda only runs it once a year. With the intention to be authentic and honest (like always) I want you to know that this is an affiliate link and I may receive a small commission if you choose to join. But what I really want you to know is, that I do not share this story, my journey with you lightly. I believe in this work and I truly know the difference it can make. This is the only course I’ve felt comfortable sharing and becoming an affiliate for. I believe in this work that much, and, in Belinda herself. She is a divine teacher and I respect her greatly. You will too!

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XO Lauren

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