Does Your Visual Brand Needs Reflect Who You Are & What You Offer?

In order to grow your business and attract the right clients, you need your website and social media profiles to make the right impact. You’ve likely just got by with the basics so far, and you’re now ready for a new set of images that captures who you are and stands out online.

You’ve been so busy welding your business, so focused on creating something that feels like you, yet you’re now sick of the same old stock images! You’re ready to showcase more of yourself to the world within your business and you’re wondering “Where do I start?”


What if you had an experienced guide to map out your visual brand so that you had ALL the photos you needed to capture the nature of who you are and what you do? I help women entrepreneurs map out the perfect images to market their business, and make sure they have all the elements they need to make an impact. If you know you’re ready to upgrade your images, not only of you, but also other images that support your brand online, then my Visual Brand Blueprint session is for you.

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Gain some clarity on what your visual brand looks like, one that aligns perfectly with your business. Let’s work together to find a unique way to represent you and your business in a visual sense. Gain the clarity and confidence to know where and how to put yourself out there to be SEEN.

If you’re ready to map out all the elements you need for your visual brand and how to breakdown the perfect photoshoot to make it all happen, click Apply Now below to schedule your free Blueprint Session with me.

Connect to your ideal clients and work with Lauren to create a consistent visual brand that gives life-force back into you and your business. 

This session is for you if:

  • You want more clarity around what’s visually working with your branding and what’s not.
  • You’re stuck with wondering what imagery to post on social media that represent your brand message and aligns with your audience.
  • You really want to book a photo shoot because you’re sick of the images you have but you’re confused with how to prepare and plan for it.
  • You’re really nervous about getting in front of the camera because you’ve either done it before and it was a nightmare or you think that you’re the most awaked person in the world and it will be a waste of time and money.
  • You feel like you’ve been hiding and you know that there’s more to you that wants to be seen.
  • You are possibly a little nervous about all of the above!

I’ve witnessed how much your business can evolve and up-level once you have images that showcase your authenticity.

Together we work 1:1 to hone in to your unique needs so that you will feel excited, prepared and fulfilled to move forward in your entrepreneurial journey with a consistent and authentic visual brand.

As one of Australia’s leading branding photographers for entrepreneurs I know what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and that it can be really scary to showcase yourself within your business. I also know that it can be an overwhelming and confusing; and that you don’t only want to do it right, you also want to do it well.

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It’s more important than ever to consider how you’re being seen. Because the imagery you use to showcase who you are is a huge element that creates your band essence. When done right, your visual imagery will lead to next level business success. [I’ve seen it happen time and time again.]

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Once you submit your application, I will review it and get in contact with you so we can dive in and map out your brand new visual brand together. In the meantime, if you need anything please contact me at

XO Lauren

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