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It’s really great to see so many experts talking about branding these days. Creating your brand is one of the best things you can do for your business! It’s what set’s you a part and it helps create the identity of your business. I’m sure, when creating your brand you had a checklist of elements to consider, something like this;

– Website

– Logo

– Colour Palette

– Graphics

– Photography

…Wait a minute, does that mean I actually need to stand in front of the camera!? Hmmm…. Not sure about that!!

Photography, often this one takes a moment [or a few] to consider and because of that reason, this is where my passion lies. I work with women entrepreneurs and I have heard this comment every single time I’ve done a photo shoot… I’m not  kiddingevery single time! 

“I hate getting my photograph taken!”

Although we all know how important it is to be visual within our business and branding, it’s something that’s quite scary. A huge step out of the comfort zone for most. And although all the above elements are REALLY important for your branding, it’s the image/photography/being visible part that’s the scariest. I believe this is simply because we as women are so busy looking after everyone else, when it comes to how we dress and how we show up in the world, we’re just not sure where to start.

It’s this concept that brought Leesa – stylist from The Inside Out Stylist and myself together. We bonded over a passion to help empower women to understand their own value and then, understand how to use this  to showcase who they really are, so that their brand and their audience can connect with them.


It’s so much more than branding. It’s mindset, it’s style, it’s easy to use action steps on how to put your best self forward and create a brand image that lights you up, that gives you images you are confident to share and stand behind. It’s like having your best friend, tell you exactly what you need to look like, so that you can express who you are  to keep your branding consistent across all levels.

I wanted to share this with you as it’s something I am really, truly passionate about and before we delve into the details of the program, Leesa and I have created a FREE 6 step email series that comes straight to your inbox. One email per day to get you to consider your current visual brand. These steps will ask you questions, give you activities and really help show you how to make changes right now. Our intention is to offer as much as we possibly can because we’ve both seen the effects of what a stunning visual brand can do for businesses and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch. As business grows, so does your confidence and therefore your value in yourself.

I encourage you to pop your email down and have a look though the steps and then join us throughout the month of February as we do some free workshops and webinars all around the topic of YOUR VISUAL BRAND.

If you’ve ever had the thought; ‘What do I wear?’ Than this is for you!


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XO Lauren

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