Entrepreneur Empowerment with Lisa Kate Miller

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Lisa Kate Miller is a business coach, digital strategist, speaker and blogger. After running and selling her own successful online business she now focuses on working with women who have a desire to build a business and a life based on what they love.

Her diverse knowledge about online business has been accumulated over the past decade while working at some of the biggest digital agencies and media publishers in Australia. With roles spanning project and product management, production and search optimisation, they were the perfect proving ground for her new life as an entrepreneur.

Every now and then she gets to deliver a few pearls of wisdom learned during her honours in Zoology, but it’s mostly useful when she’s watching David Attenborough with her husband, two kids, two dogs and cat. Yes, she also spends a lot of time vacuuming fur! And…. Her two children are super cute!! I had a blast photographing them all one afternoon a couple of months ago for Lisa’s website update and I’m really happy with the result. It’s so wonderful when you meet someone and they are just as lovely in real life as they are over emails and Lisa is one of these people! Excited to have her here today…

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? I’m a coach and digital strategist who helps women, but way back in the day I started as a zoologist working at the Australian Museum in Sydney. While working there I got a chance to work with the web team and my life changed forever. I reskilled and ended up working for the next 7 years in various digital roles across several companies including web project manager and search product manager. In 2009 I left my corporate job to start my own online business as I had a yearning to create something of value according to my own vision and purpose. Over the next 4 years I got a chance to do exactly that through experiencing first-hand what it takes to build a business into a profitable brand. But at the same time I was being approached by many women asking me how I had built that business and if I could help them. I love the whole process of starting something new and running projects so working with budding entrepreneurs just felt like a natural fit for me. In 2014 I added life coaching to my qualifications and experience and sold my first business to pursue my new line of work. I now focus on coaching clients and doing digital strategy projects everyday!

WHAT’S YOUR MISSION? To empower women to start and build successful businesses based on purposeful foundations. I do this by helping them find fulfilment in their own lives and encouraging them to build better businesses that support and give back to their communities.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU DAILY? Our online world is a constant (sometimes overwhelming) source of inspiration, but I find books to be my main inspiration and I try to read a few pages daily.

HOW DO YOU USE THIS INSPIRATION TO CREATE WONDER AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE? Both the internet and books feed my huge love of learning. This love of learning transcends into all areas of my life from spending time with my family to trying new things and it is these things that bring me joy.

IF YOU COULD SAY ONE THING TO YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF WHAT WOULD IT BE?Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Your success and happiness isn’t determined by other people, it’s determined by your own passion and guiding principles. As there will come a time when you don’t care anymore and you will realise you wasted many years doing things for the wrong reasons.

WHAT HAVE THESE PORTRAITS GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR BIZ? These portraits have given me a beautifully visual way to further communicate my brand, my work and my personality. They have also provided a boost of confidence in promoting my business and work, as I now have a whole folder of photos that really represent me that I can share with anyone who needs them.

HOW DO YOU WISH TO INSPIRE GREATNESS IN THIS WORLD? I hope to inspire other business owners to build better businesses that are all about having real relationships, meaningfully enhancing lives, elevating human potential and creating real wealth for our communities in ways that matter, endure and inspire.

Connect with Lisa further here:

Website URL: http://lisakate.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisakatem/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisakate/



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