Entrepreneur Empowerment with Jodie Matthews

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Jodie Matthews is an inspirational mentor, writer, keen traveller, and financial freedom advocate. Jodie is passionate about empowering women to become more financially literate. Using her experience working as a finance manager in the corporate world for the last 11 years she also loves to share her insights and encourage others to kick goals in their careers and businesses.

At the beginning of the year, Jodie and I met at Fairlight Beach [Sydney’s Northern Beaches] and captured some stunning images in the middle of the sunrise one stunning Wednesday morning! I just love the colour, the expressions and the joy this photo shoot emulates!

I also love the message of Jodie’s brand and I’m really excited to share some of here insights and wisdom here with you today…

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? I am a wife, sister, friend, mentor, writer, travel obsessed, yoga loving, hippy accountant who wants to share my message with the world. I work in the corporate world as a finance manager in the engineering and construction industry. Moving up the ranks in a male dominated environment has given me further strength to encourage other women to reach their full potential in their careers, businesses and financial futures.

I am passionate about empowering women to really step up into their power and realise their true self worth. I want to encourage women to take control of their financial future, become more informed and get on the right track. I spent many years living above my means in my early twenties. I had to learn from my mistakes. Since taking control over my finances and learning to love myself more I am in a much better position. I am now on my path to financial freedom and living a happier life.

WHAT’S YOUR MISSION? My mission is to inspire and empower women with my own story. I don’t believe we should be stressed out and worry about money. I believe everyone can create an amazing future by taking small actions today, which will lead to big gains down the track.

I think everyone deserves to feel more love and abundance in their lives. I also believe in sharing the minimalist message and reminding others to be grateful for everything they already have in their lives. Some times we get caught up in chasing particular material things or feel like we wont be successful until we achieve a particular goal. I wish everyone could be at peace with where they are at today.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU DAILY? Being around the people I love really lights me up. I also love the ocean and I am inspired by nature. I love being outdoors and soaking up fresh air everyday. Practicing yoga and going to boot camp a few days a week also keeps me inspired.

I am drawn to ambitious, intuitive, resilient people. Particularly brave women who have overcome big challenges in their lives and have risen up from them. Travel is also a big inspiration for me. I believe everyone should travel and immerse themselves in other cultures. My trips to little towns in Greece and Italy have inspired me to step out of the crazy, high-stress city living culture that we call normal. The way of life in other countries that I have visited has inspired me to be more present and slow down when returning to the city life.

HOW DO YOU USE THIS INSPIRATION TO CREATE WONDER AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE? I love seeing the people around me really light up and believe in how amazing they truly are. I don’t believe anyone should stress and worry about not having control over their financial future. I also don’t think we take care of ourselves enough in this fast-paced technology driven world. I have learnt the hard way by burning out and getting overwhelmed. I was forced to slow down and start really taking care of myself.


I couldn’t help myself here are three things:

– When you turn 18 don’t apply for a credit card.

– Stop hating on your body, you are beautiful just the way you are.

– Don’t try and be anyone but yourself, as people will love you for who you are

WHAT HAVE THESE PORTRAITS GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR BIZ? They have shown my true essence. I was scared at first to get professional photos but during the shoot you made me feel so comfortable. The photos have made me feel so empowered and also given me a medium to share myself more on my website and over social media. I think it’s so important that entrepreneurs invest in professional photography. Your photographs are the first thing your customers are drawn too when they get to your website. It’s the first connection you have other than the words you write. You want your photographs to not only display your personality but to invite people to get to know you a little better.

HOW DO YOU WISH TO INSPIRE GREATNESS IN THIS WORLD? I try and lead by example. I try and share what I am learning with others through my writing. If I can help others free themselves from the consumer debt trap and live a more meaningful life then I am happy. If I can also inspire others to value themselves more then I am also extremely grateful for that.

You can connect with Jodie HERE:

WEB – www.jodieleanne.com

FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/jodieleanneblog

INSTA – @jodieleanneblog




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