Entrepreneur Empowerment with Gemma Cagnacci Meehan

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Gemma is the creative genius behind the dreamy blog, line x shape x colour . A textile designer by day, designing home wares for most of Australia’s major retailers, and blogger/photographer/traveller/wannabe-interior-stylist in her spare time. Her blog was born as an outlet to explore her passions; photography, interior styling and travelling and as a means to document a four-month adventure around the Middle East and Central Asia with her husband, Andrew. A marvel to see! It has grown from there, and in addition to travel photography you’ll find crafty DIY’s and interior styling of her and Andrew’s home in Sydney and their cabin in New Zealand. Get comfy, this interview is set to delight and inspire.

Where does your inspiration come from? Creatively, my inspiration comes from a various range of sources including lots of blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, books – anything visual! However, most of my ideas to seem hit me when I’m travelling. Whether it be a long bus trip overseas or on the commute home from work. Being off the computer and letting my thoughts flow seems to spark ideas and build on what I may have seen online or in a magazine.

My grandmother is also a massive inspiration. She travelled the world and went on so many adventures, which has really encouraged me to want to see the world and experience as much as I can. She was really into textiles too, in particular weaving, and was quite a creative and colourful character. Growing up, her home would always inspire me as it was full of treasures from her time living overseas in super exotic locations like Borneo, Pakistan and many other wild places!

Describe to us the moment you realised you were inspiring others; It first dawned on me when I started receiving emails from people who admired my work and would tell me how I had inspired them to visit a country they never thought of ever travelling to or starting a travel blog. It’s a pretty amazing feeling and super encouraging. I have been inspired by so many creatives online, so it feels good to contribute and give back to the blog and creative worlds, and inspire others in my own small way.

Tell us your dreams and desires? I have so many! Firstly I just want to travel as much as I possibly can. I also want to eventually start my own business, renovate and/or build a house with my talented architect husband, and be involved with artisan women in disadvantaged areas (whether it be in Australia or overseas), creating exciting and innovative products that will give them an income source, use their creative traditions and most importantly empower them.

What have you learnt along the way? Just to be yourself and be true to yourself. That way your own style will be really clear and you will stand out from the crowd.

We all have those moments in life, the moment we second guess and question, the ones that get in the way of your inspiration. Describe how you handle these moments; I always look at what I do have, not at what I don’t and also what I have achieved and the successes I have had. That then brings you to a place of grateful contentment and a positive mindset which helps in bypassing any frustration or doubt and allows for the inspiration to flow.

What has been the best advice you’ve been given when trying to find that spark of inspiration? Get off the computer! Which is funny as there is so much inspiration online. However you do need to step back from it and let your mind process ideas.

Describe to us, what helps you create a life you love? I think by finding where your true passions lie and then being able to weave them into your everyday life through your job and/or hobbies. Also by not comparing yourself to others, staying true to yourself and your own goals. And lastly, by having positive people around who understand and encourage what you do.

How do you wish to inspire greatness in this world? I’m not sure if this is inspiring greatness, but I hope by seeing me do what I love both in my 9-5 job and in my spare time that that inspires people to do what they are passionate about whilst being themselves and not feeling they have to conform or do it a certain way.


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