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On a hot Summer’s afternoon, Emma from Emma Somerville Photography and I headed to a special place to capture some magic for her new rebrand! She is a mumpreneur, juggling family life with her husband, two beautiful girls and a thriving photography business! A beauty and an absolute superwomen. I’m really excited to share more of her belief system here with you! It’s an inspiring one…

Emma says, “photography has always been a big passion of mine. At a very young age I began taking photos and fast became my friends’ and family’s ‘go to girl’ for events and birthdays. It wasn’t until my second daughter was born, that I realised photography was my calling.

To me an image is a thousand things. I adore Karl Lagerfeld’s outlook… “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Our lives these days are so busy. We have too many things to do and not enough time to do it. So often we blink and miss the special moments in life. I want to be the person that ensures these special moments are captured and cherished forever. When people look at my images, I want them to forget about the stresses of the world. I want them to feel in the moment, happy and in love.”

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? I am the owner and creator of Emma Somerville Photography. I capture precious memories for families all around Sydney, from maternity, newborn, families to weddings.

WHAT’S YOUR MISSION? To give my clients memories that will last a life time. I want to capture and create something so special, that makes people smile.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU DAILY? Truthfully, my family. I am doing what I’m doing because of my children. By branching out of my comfort zone, I have been able to create an opportunity for myself, that fulfills my create flare, whilst being able to be an active mother in my children’s lives.

HOW DO YOU USE THIS INSPIRATION TO CREATE WONDER AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE? My children are my life! I love that I can include them in my business too. Just recently, Zoe, my 4 and half year old, wanted to do something special with fairies. I took her down to a secret location where the fairies live and had the most magical time. It makes them happy and it makes me happy.

IF YOU COULD SAY ONE THING TO YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? Trust in yourself… I have always loved photography but back then I didn’t think I was ‘good enough’ to make a living from it. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and the roads I have travelled have brought me to this point, but I do wish that I had more faith in myself back when I was younger.

WHAT HAVE THESE PORTRAITS GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR BIZ? Its allowed me to create a visual brand behind my name. People now know who I am when they are talking to me on the phone. They can see that my children played a part in my portraits, showing them that I am too, a family lady and ultimately, family comes first. I think it has given me an opportunity to appear more relatable to my clients and that has made a huge impact on my business.

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