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With the majority of female energy being focused on looking after others and building careers and having it all, most women suffer the massive impact of self-neglect. Results most often affect health, mindset motivation and quality of life, not just for themselves, but for their family and friends too!

Without realising it, women create a powerful ripple effect through their actions, in-actions, decisions and choices purely because of the influential role they play in the home and in society and without the potent, unique and necessary tools offered by Angela, women run the risk of early burn-out, anxiety, excess stress and illness.

With over a decade of professional experience working with women in the fields of mind and body transformation, Angela delivers ground-breaking insights into how women CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Angela Counsel is a leading Naturopath & Life Coach who is passionate about health and loves helping women create the lifestyle of their dreams. She is also the author of the Amazon #1 book Secret Mums Business – Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams. I am so trilled to be featuring her thoughts and her brand new images in the blog today! Our shoot was full of fun and laughter! As a portrait photographer, I’d have to say it was one of the best afternoons to date.

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? I have worked as a clinical Naturopath for the past 10 years and in that time I have seen the impact that high levels of stress has on women’s businesses, their relationships and their health. Having worked with hundreds of women who were suffering from high levels of stress I knew that I needed to share the knowledge about what stress is and how it can be reduced through healthy eating, healthy lifestyle choices and a healthy mindset.

 I have created a 7 step process that takes women from a place of high stress to a place where they are loving their life and feeling great.

 I also understand the importance of having fun when it comes to life and business, so I created fun events exclusively for female entrepreneurs.

WHAT’S YOUR MISSION? My mission is to show women how it is possible to run a business, raise a family and look after themselves without all of the stress. I want women to have fun in their lives rather than burning themselves out trying to be everything for everyone.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU DAILY? My children are my biggest inspiration, they are why I do what I do. I want them both to know that they can be whoever they want to be, that there are no limits.


HOW DO YOU USE THIS INSPIRATION TO CREATE WONDER AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE? I remind myself daily that this life is short, there is so much to experience and so much fun to be had.


IF YOU COULD SAY ONE THING TO YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? Enjoy life, be yourself and don’t be afraid

WHAT HAVE THESE PORTRAITS GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR BIZ? My photos have enabled me to show my true self, they show me being me. I think that they show an openness that invites others in.

HOW DO YOU WISH TO INSPIRE GREATNESS IN THIS WORLD? Me being me allows others to be who they are. I accept life as it is, not as I wish it to be this allows me to reduce stress in my life. By loving what is, I drop the judgement and live in love rather than fear. I want to live in a world full of love not fear.

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Angela chose our complete Visual Brand Makeover package and not only got these brand new images, she got to work with Leesa Melchert Self Care Coach and got a whole style makeover too! We had an absolute ball together – everyone who chooses this package does! It’s the BEST way to create your visual brand from the inside out so that you show up as your authentic, stylish self in all areas of business.


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