Entrepreneur Empowerment with Ainslie Young

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Ainslie Young is a Life + Blog Coach, passionate writer and frequent flyer based in Hong Kong. Ainslie helps spirited women to swiftly step out of their cozy comfort zones with clarity + killer confidence, so they can live the life that they truly desire. Ainslie blogs about how to live an extraordinary life though self-development and travel over at Starting With A.

While Ainslie was in Sydney town last month, we caught up and captured some stunning new visual imagery for her business. We spent a lovely afternoon, walking the streets of Paddington before finishing up the shoot in one of my favourite city locations… The Rocks! I’m a big fan of Ainslie’s blog and I’m really excited to showcase her today…

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? In late 2014 I left my marketing career in Sydney and followed my husband to Hong Kong where I’ve recently set up my own Life Coaching and online marketing consulting company. I love the fact that I have clients all around the world and that I’m constantly meeting new and fantastic people both online and here in Hong Kong. It really is the highlight of what I do!

WHAT’S YOUR MISSION? My mission is to help women create their own version of an extraordinary life through ditching overwhelm and self-doubt for crystal clear clarity and then helping them cultivate amazing self-confidence so they can bring their dreams to life.

I also love helping women entrepreneurs to share their message, talents and gifts online by teaching them how to create strategic and valuable content that attracts their ideal clients and customers to their business.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU DAILY? I find the self-growth and success of others super inspiring! I love witnessing my clients achieve their goals, seeing my coaching colleagues and other entrepreneurs score big wins as well as my family and friends ticking off things that mean the world to them. Their success and joy inspires me!

HOW DO YOU USE THIS INSPIRATION TO CREATE WONDER AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE? I’m a bit of a geek and class myself as a life-long learner. I adore learning new things, implementing them and seeing how they positively affect my life and my business. This year I’m focusing on the theme of ‘expansion’ and the idea of me continually learning, growing and evolving brings me so much joy.

IF YOU COULD SAY ONE THING TO YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? Be open! Don’t close your mind off to what is possible in life and what you are possible of achieving! For too long I had a very narrow view of what my life should look like and what career I should be pursuing. It wasn’t until I let go of these beliefs and stepped out of my comfort zone that I truly started living with passion and purpose.

WHAT HAVE THESE PORTRAITS GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR BIZ? They have given me a newfound confidence in myself and my business! I love how they represent my brand and reflect my personality and attitude towards life. Plus, I have confidence that these beautiful images will help to attract my ideal client and this gets me very excited!

HOW DO YOU WISH TO INSPIRE GREATNESS IN THIS WORLD? I’m all about providing genuine and loving encouragement to all. I’ve found that not everyone is lucky enough to have a support crew that cheers them on to reach new heights and to go after their dreams. I’ve seen the power of encouraging my clients and how it truly helps them to believe in themselves and to keep moving forward.

To connect with Ainslie further you can sign-up to receive her e-Book ‘Wanderlust – Enhance, Enrich & Expand Your Life Through Mindful Travel,’ and follow her Hong Kong based adventures on Facebook and instagram.

Website URL: https://www.startingwitha.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blogstartingwitha

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ainslieyoung/


XO Lauren 

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