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As we draw closer and closer to the end of 2015 [umm…. How did that happen! Seriously!!] I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the people I think have absolutely OWNED IT this year. People who are standing loud and proud in their business, people who are creating magic and really making a difference with their gifts and services.

In my opinion, this list is a mega source of inspiration…

Peta Kelly – This ball of passion is a real game-changer! She is such a breath of fresh air and has an intense desire to inspire the next generation of game-changers. Her videos on REALFREE TV are like an triple shot of expresso! It hits you right in the system and keep you buzzing all day!!!

Rockstar Birth Magazine –  This space is just glowing with tips, tricks and inspiring stories all surrounding giving birth. Although I’m yet to venture into this experience, I cannot pass by the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that’s given here. Shalome, has really stepped into her power as a mentor for women on their pregnancy journey and she does it in such a beautiful way.

MoelocoYOU: Buy a pair of awesome thongs [flip flops for non-Aussies] They leave inspirational words in the sand as you walk! #howcool. THEY: Give one pair of canvas shoes to a child in poverty! #thegiftofgiving To me, there is nothing more inspiring than creating a business that gives you the opportunity to help children in need and give you something fabulous in the process!!!

Brene Brown – THIS VIDEO [with Oprah] for her Courage Works series, knocked my socks off!!! It gave me that fire in my belly feeling. Do one thing RIGHT NOW and watch it…

And, don’t forget to have a wonderful weekend!!

XO Lauren

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