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Thank you so much for clicking over to my blog, it’s really lovely to have you here.

Consider this your friendly welcome to my online blog space where you’ll find a whole lot of inspired talk about being an entrepreneur and all the things that come with that. I’ve drawn on some of our core values to create work that inspires connection, ignites curiosity and empowers you to understand what a visual brand is, drawing on all things photography, branding and inner confidence.

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A showcase of women entrepreneurs who are carving out their own path in this online world of business. Get an in-depth look into what drives their passion, what having braining imagery had done for their business and what advice they’d give to their younger self.




If you’d like to work with me in a more personal manner and you want to take some time to up-level your visual brand and showcase more of YOU [with confidence] then join this FREE 5 day email series where I mentor you through these 5 elements of visual branding:

Arabic Shape Day 1// Do you have a visual brand?

Branding is one of those elements in business that can create confusion for most and I often hear women tell me that they just don’t know where to start. I completely understand, branding is such a buzzword these days, it seems that every person who owns a business is talking about it, whether their experts in the field or not. This simply shows how important it is to have a brand story that’s unique to your brand and let me shed some light into the “How to create it for yourself.”

Arabic Shape Day 2// Keeping it consistent.

Consistency is extremely beneficial in online business but it’s also just as important in life. For us women entrepreneurs, life and business, it’s all connected. Who we are in business at our core, is who we are in real life and that’s the person your audience wants to see. So let’s check that you’re showcasing this throughout your business.

Arabic Shape Day 3// Confidence and the Camera.

Confidence; expresses a state of being. One that most believe they don’t have! I am yet to meet a female entrepreneur who hasn’t said, “I hate getting my photo taken!” Actually, every single woman I’ve photographed has said it to me. And, I totally get it! It’s a very strange thing to get in front of a camera, all by yourself and spend hours capturing images of just YOU. So we look at the most important elements to cover so that these fears won’t hold you back.

Arabic Shape Day 4// Fascinating Reasons to make sure you’re visible online.

We know that a visual brand is the way that you visually represent who you are and what your business objectives are. A.K.A the how and why of your business. The way in which you visually connect to your audience is one of the most important elements to consider when creating your brand identity, especially in this online marketing world we’re all a part of. We explore the facts and help give you some extra motivation.

Arabic Shape Day 5// What does business branding mean to you?

“The key to creating or achieving anything in life, including a great brand, is our why. Our actions and words are not as important as the energy, intention and motivation with which [why] we do them.” – Nicola Murrain While exploring your WHY is extremely important, we also want to look at YOU. Who is the person behind the brand and why is it important to let that shine?




Or if you’d like to keep it simple, you’re here to explore photography, lifestyle and business branding and would like some expert tips on how to figure out what that will look likes for you, here are my two most popular resources.  I don’t ever do a photo shoot without my client exploring these two resources and they have been hugely successful to help them get clear on their desires and dreams for a photo shoot. After using these resources, the results show that my clients are able to communicate what they want, know what to expect on the day of the shoot, and turn their fears of a having a photo shoot into feelings of excitement and joy.  They are able to relax and invite the spontaneity of the photo shoot process in, which enables their true essence shine on the day of the photo shoot.




Showcase Your Essence

How to prepare for your photo shoot & capture images that catapult your business.



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