Blabbing about Your Visual Brand

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Have you done a Blab? Do you know what a Blab is? Well, neither had I until the wonderful Trudy Simmons from The Daisy Chain Group asked for an interview – well actually, she asked if I would Blab with her!! So of course… I did!!

We had such a wonderful conversation and I really wanted to share it with you. Trudy and I have been “business buddies” for a few years now and it’s been a real joy watching Trudy’s visual brand evolve. Trudy had such a unique perspective on her Visual Brand as she mentions in the Blab that she had been in business for three years before creating a website. [This, I hear all the time!] Because of her fear of having her photo taken, Trudy was just not sure where or how to start!


She goes on to mention that after she finally summoned the courage to have a photo shoot with me, she was able to create her entire visual brand around these photographs and more importantly, around who she TURELY IS. Her photographs captured her unique cheeky essence and she then felt brave enough to share that with the world, within her business!!

Along with hearing all about Trudy’s Spectacular Event for women entrepreneurs, I also give a whole lot of insight into what our amazing new course entails:

Your Visual Brand Blueprint

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You can watch us here:

listen here

XO      Lauren

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Blabbing about Your Visual Brand

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