A Visual Brand – Do you have one?

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Branding is such a business buzz word these days.

but WHY?

Your brand is what makes your business unique, it’s why someone would buy from you and not from the website they were just visiting..

In this online world of entrepreneurship, when another business, another website is just a click away, your branding is the thing that sets you a part from the rest!

So, what is a visual brand? A question I get asked all the time…

Quite simply a visual brand is the way in which you are being SEEN.

It’s how you present yourself visually to the world whether its online or in person, [did you think about your business and branding when you got dressed this morning?]


Because we are all visual creatures, subconsciously we begin to make judgements within the first seven seconds of meeting someone or visiting their website. Now I’m not talking about the awful things like “oh! not sure about those shoes..” These subconscious judgments are more like perceptions; she’s really confident or I can totally relate to her….

Think about it…. Have you ever been to a networking event where you finally met someone you’ve been following for a while, only to think; “Oh! They look completely different!” or “They’re not at all like the person I thought they were?” It’s a very strange thing to have a perception of someone and then find out you were completely off the mark. This is what I call, incongruent visual branding.  A brand that uses imagery, showcasing a person differently to who they are in “real life”.

Julie Parker of Beautiful You says;

“The best compliment you can receive as an entrepreneur is when someone meets you in real life and says; You’re exactly how I imagined you to be…”

When you are your brand, when you put so much of your heart and soul into your business, don’t you want to be hearing that!! This is what your visual brand does for you…

So my question to you is, How are you showcasing yourself and your business to the world?

Because we do live in an online world, your visual brand is one of the most important tools you have to use when connecting to your audience, to your ideal clients.

This is the POWER of Your visual brand!

YOU are your brand and being authentic is the way you can stand out. If you have images that have captured your true essence, if you have a visual brand that represents who you are authentically, you’ll always feel confident to put that person out there. When you have this confidence behind you, you’ll shine.

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