3 Steps to Heighten your Visibility

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3 Steps to Heighten your Visibility

Recently I was asked the question, ‘How can I heighten my visibility?’ and honestly, even though I talk about this all the time, I was taken aback.

It hit me; things are changing online and it’s more important than ever to showcase who you are or in other words, enable people to see you! But in that moment, even though I constantly [and lovingly] say that being seen online is so IMPORTANT, I realised; sometimes it’s freakin hard!

The one statement I kept coming back to in order to answer this question was; “You’ve just got to start somewhere!” and this place will be different for everyone. It’s a place where we get real about where you are and what feels scary for you. This is the place we take the first step from and then the second and so on…

I’ve been in business for 5 years now and one thing I’ve learnt is that there are always elements of business that arise and install fear. For me this is currently showing up with the element of videos and vlogs.

Photographs = easy! Podcast Interviews = easy! But video = scary as hell!

I remember a time when sharing a photograph I took or speaking to another expert on a podcasts were scary too! Hey, I even remember when posting a comment in a Facebook group was scary! The first post I ever wrote was so terrifying, that as soon as I posted it I shut off my computer, ran to the beach for the afternoon and didn’t look at the responses for two days! When you’re a solopreneur, it can be hard to remember that there is an audience out there reading, connecting and reacting to the work you put out into the world. So when you’re reminded that people ARE seeing you or that they WANT to see you, it can be hard to know how to do this successfully.

In order to work through the fear with confidence (in yourself), kindness (to yourself) and grace (within yourself) here are three steps that will help you take the next step – what ever that may look like for you.

3 steps to heighten visibility


There’s a reason why so many business courses ask you to create an ideal client. This week I actually re-looked at the profile of Sol + Co’s ideal client (I even gave her a name!) Your message and your brand are here to serve this person so when you can be crystal clear on who you’re creating amazing content for, who you are speaking to you can move past yourself and your fears and see that you are doing this thing called business for something bigger than you.


Meeting people in real life can completely change your business! Trust me, I’m living proof! When I gained the confidence to get out there and connect with other like-minded women entrepreneurs it was so refreshing. It was like; “hey, there are other people who get it!” No matter how supportive your friends and family are (mine are amazing), unless they have their own business, they really cannot know what you’re going through. The amazing ups and the confusing downs, the huge moments of growth and the lonely moments of spending the entire day on your computer. When you find other people that you can get advice from or even better, get business from, you’ll love working even more. I found that women really enjoy giving and receiving recommendations. When you’ve met and connected with someone, you’ll find that they will recommend you and your business! So if you’ve made a personal connection, or you come personally recommended you’ll be more likely to get business than if this person simply visited your site.


Saving the best for last! It’s not only knowing your ideal client that will help you be more visible. You really have to hone in on YOU! Find the one thing that set’s you a-part, why would someone like to work with you? Is it your unique cheekiness or your ability to hone in and serve from your intuition? When you have the confidence to showcase who you really are, you’ll see your business grow. You’ll find that opportunities come to you and your ideal clients find and connect with you.

Know this; if you have to start somewhere than start where you’re at and start right now.

It’s my mission to capture the true essence of who a person really is and empower women to feel prepared and excited to visually represent themselves within their business and I’m super passionate about it. Like’ I get Goosebumps whenever I think about it passionate! If you would like to have a chat and have me help you up-level your current visual brand, then head here and get in touch. Together we will create your own unique strategy to move forward in business by showcasing what you and your business are here to do!


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Tell me in the comments below, where are your current fears showing up? What would the next step look like for you?

XO Lauren

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