1 Step to go from hiding to truly being SEEN & HEARD in business with help from OPRAH!

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As humans we want to be seen and heard! It’s an unconscious desire for all if us. We crave to be understood and when we are truly seen and heard, being understood becomes a reality. As soon as you venture into entrepreneurship, this desire becomes more of an absolute need!

You and your business need to be seen and heard so that your message, your products and services reach your audience. Think about it… The entire purpose you have a website and social media accounts is to share and connect with your audience so that they can see and hear all about who you are and what your business is here to do.

Let’s face it… The underlying reason most of us get into business, is to leave a lasting impression and evoke a sense of positivity in the world. But in order to do that, again, you need to be seen and heard!

But then, why do I meet so many wonderfully amazing women entrepreneurs who are so scared to get their photo taken? 

I believe that it’s the being SEEN part that causes the fear… When you’re really seen for exactly who you are in business, it can lead to a whole lot of thoughts and fears like;

  • What if they don’t like me?
  • What if my family don’t understand?
  • What if I put myself out there and I get judged?
  • What if I just can’t do it?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?

Because I get the honour of working really closely with women during this process, I’ve heard a whole lot of reasons why fear shows up for them and the underlying truth behind it all is, if these fears become a reality, then the business you desire will not exist. The business you’ve created to live the life of your dreams and evoke positive change will no longer be there to fulfil you.

But hey… Then I ask,

“If your audience can’t see and connect with you, where will your business be then?”

A goodie huh!?

Last year, I saw Oprah live in Sydney and it truly was a dream come true! She captured my spirt and held my inspiration from the moment she stepped out on stage until the moment she stepped off [actually, it lasted for days]! Throughout the evening and through all her stories, she had an underlying message that simply said;

“As human we want to be seen and heard!”

You can imagine how this little note of wisdom hit me right in the heart!?  Over the past few years I’ve been very aware of the huge honour it is for me to give women the opportunity to really showcase who they are! To gift women entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase themselves and in turn, up-level in their business. But Oprah being Oprah, she took this moment one step further and showed us a way to make sure, when we step out, when we offer ourselves up to be seen and heard, we do can do it without fear…



What’s the one step you can take to go from hiding to truly being SEEN and HEARD in business? 

Do it with INTENTION! In every moment you feel the fear, yet have to do it anyway [when in business, this can happen on a daily basis] set an intention for yourself. Questions to ask;

  • Why am I taking this step?
  • In doing this, what will I achieve?
  • Who will I be afterwards?
  • How will my audience benefit?

Take a moment and decide what the intention is for you and then share it with your family, your audience, but most importantly, yourself! I guarantee that if you can be honest with yourself and truly know the exact intention you desire, the fears won’t have the power. And when it comes to photography and stepping out in front of the camera, if you do it with intention this will shine through! You will be able to feel the intention through the image and therefore make for some really creative and captivating images!

If these fears, feeling and thoughts evoke something in you and you’d love to explore this further with me, comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

XO Lauren

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1 Step to go from hiding to truly being SEEN & HEARD in business with help from OPRAH!

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